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The Angeliszt Legacy - 2.0

The Angelist Legacy 2.0 - Poverty House Is Party House

Hey guys, and welcome to the Angeliszt Legacy, update 2.0! I had a lot of fun with this update, and if you love babies and weirdness, then trust me you're in the right place. This update is 137 pictures long, and there's a lot going on, so let's get right to it.

This time around we're starting off with what Noah will be doing most of the time I'm not controlling him: obsessing over Christian.

Noah: Hey, there, little one!

Noah: *sniff* mmm, new baby smell.

But it's time to put the baby down and make another one!
Except that's not working for some reason.

That must be because it's Felicia's birthday! Everyone knows pregnant people don't age.
Noah: Yeah, go Felicia!

Noah: *toots horn with intensity*
Felicia: Hee hee!

Birthday sparkles!

And it's return of the EA hair. That is not allowed.

So while Felicia get's her hair recut, Noah goes to hold Christian, because he's been away from him for five whole minutes, and that is simply unacceptable.

Babymaking recommences!
And judging by the chimes, it was successful!

Noah: I am the god of fertility. *self-satisfied smirk*

Lol, I took this picture because Felicia was almost at the crib when Noah came in and breezed right past her to pick up Christian first.
Sorry, Felicia. You probably won't be able to do anything until Noah goes to sleep.

Noah: Here you go, Christian.
Uh, what are you doing?

Noah: lol, jk, I know babies don't go there. :DD
Yeah, okay then.

Felicia goes out for a jog, and when she comes back Noah's finally asleep, so she gets to go and suffocate Christian in B.O. all she wants.

Ahh, the sweet, dulcet sounds of pregnancy.

Noah: Hiiii, good morning, baby!
I'm getting bored of taking pictures of this, Noah, get a hobby!

It's actually Christian's birthday (yay!) and also Spooky Day, so I decided to throw a costume party and just throw the birthday in there.

Felicia: *loading*

Bun in the Oven status confirmed!

The costume party begins and this year Felicia is dressing up as a pregnant woman!
Apparently pregnant sims can't dress in costumes, idk

And Noah's a serial killer!
I think.
Is that Jason? I don't watch horror films, if you can't tell.

Noah's action que has "Listen to Complaint" in it, and Natalie comes up and starts talking about Christian.

You don't even need to see Noah's whole face, the sass is all in the eyes.

Natalie then goes to complain about Noah to one of his coworkers. Still bitter about that whole date thing, are we?
Also, why is everyone in the tiny bathroom? Can we not? It's hard to take pictures in here.

Natalie decides to entertain the party by dancing on the counter.
She might insult the Angeliszts a lot, but I've got to say I really like her.

So the birthday party starts... and everyone just ignores it. Wtf, I thought people automatically came to celebrate when someone was blowing out the candles!
Well fine, then, just ignore the precious little baby you dicks.

And then this happens.
I feel like this party is going really well, don't you?

But the jokes on physics, cause Noah invited his coworkers. Nothing like a room full of firemen to save me having to replace all the furniture.

Meanwhile, Christian grows up to no absolutely applause.

This looks promising, no?

Also, a firelady showed up and FINED US $400!? WHAAAAT? FOR PUTTING THE FIRE OUT OURSELVES?
Firelady: Hmph, that'll teach you for making NPC firefighters irrelevent.
Well, I'm deleting that fire alarm, that's for sure.

Despite the minor threat of burning to death, the party goes really well and ends up with an amazing score. Huh.

And finally, here's Christian post-makeover! He's so cute!
He got his dad's black hair and brown eyes and his mom's skin tone. I'm not good at telling who's facial features are mixed in there so early. We'll have to see how he grows up.

Christian: I know you're watching me.

Christian: I know I have no soul...

Christian: Tee hee hee!

I'm stopping here to avoid this update becoming entirely Christian spam.
Needless to say, I approve of this result. One point for sim genetics.

Noah puts Christian to be in his serial killer outfit for maximum trauma. Christian doesn't look too affected, though, I suppose.

I bring to you yet more pregnant workout pictures!

Oh, it's morning, time for Noah's daily dose of baby snuggles!

Noah: love <3

Noah: Whee, up you go!
Christian: I'm not so sure about this, dad...

Hooray! It's Noah's first day back at work in like a week. Paternity leave is all well and good but it's getting in the way of my founder's firefighter dreams.

There's also a random baby on the floor. Cause the firestation's a really good place to bring a baby.

Apparently it's Jesse's kid. He's one of Noah's coworkers
Is it bring your kid to work day or something? We're on the clock, here.

Meanwhile, Felicia hangs out at home and pays the bills I keep forgetting about. It's not excting.

Yay, the fire alarm went off!
Also, WHY IS NOAH THE ONLY ONE WEARING HIS UNIFORM? Seriously, is no one at this firestation prepared? Is it bring your kid to work day and casual Friday?

I've finally got the glitch beat, I think, by just doing to map view, clicking on the house and then selecting "put out small fire" or whatever it is, instead of the respond to emergency icon thing.
I was excited to see Noah's first ride over in the fire truck with the siren and everything! The other firefighters still didn't help though. That's fine guys, Noah'll just go risk his life alone, then!

Noah: Uh, how does this..? Wait a sec...

Noah: Yeah, there we go! Take that fire!

Noah: I am victorious!

Noah: And now I'm bored again.
Noah got promoted! His LTW status is still at a whopping 0/30 sims saved, though, since the only thing he's protected so far is real estate.

So Noah heads back to the firestation to waste time until he can leave.
Miriam: Ugh, you're so dumb, you know! You can't even read!

Noah: Seriously? She came to work dressed like that and she's mocking me?
I don't know what to tell ya.

When Noah gets home the skilling begins! (and with all the kids it won't end for a long time...)

More Christian is Cute spam (I can't help myself).

Christian: :D

The next day Noah works on teaching Chisitan how to walk, and it is as adorable as I hoped.
It also goes pretty fast with the help of Noah's family-oriented trait.

Christian: *hup hup hup*
Noah: Good boy, come to daddy!

Felicia interrupts my cute baby picture taking session by going into labor.
Since the House of Poverty is still the House of Poverty, I send Felicia to the hospital on her own and have Noah stay behing to watch Christian.

And it's another boy!
This is Adam Angeliszt (the bible-related name thing is only going to be a gen 2 thing, promise). He rolled loves the heat and eccentric, and he likes classical music, tri-tip tofu steak, and the color lime.

In order to fit an extra crib in the nursery, I sold the toy box and instead put this playpen in the hallway. It turns out to be quite useful, since Christian can use it to teach himself to talk! Awesome, hands-off skilling!

Christian: This toy envokes all of my disapproval.

Christian: just kidding.

The developers of pregnant workout now bring to you post-birth workout for your viewing pleasure.

Noah celebrates his son's birth by stabbing Adam's left eye with his nose.
This will help him later in life, surely.

Noah and Adam: *stare into each other's souls*

Christian also completes his potty training! That's two down, one to go!


I love this picture of Christian. It looks like he's in a fighting stance.

Now that Felicia's womb is again empty, it's time to repopulate it with baby number 3!

Also, Adam got an IF. I do not like IFs. IF will not likely stay.

I also discovered that Noah can upgrade his fire extinguisher!

In other news, these random people were just chatting outside of the Angeliszt house. One of them is apparently holding an invisible plate.

Then they decided to build a snowman in a stranger's front yard. Like ya do.

It turns out to be a hockey snowman, which I've never seen before, so that's interesting.
Also, hiii Fredrick!

Noah rolled the want to teach Christian to talk, so even though most of the work was done thanks to the playpen, I had him teach Chris a little.
He started off easy with the stock market.

Well, it worked anyway, but that's all the playpen's work.

Afterwards, Noah finishes up on upgrading his fire extinguisher and Felicia works out like 5 inches away. Seriously, their knees are hitting each other.

Imaginary Friend Status: still creepy

Christian: I'm practicing my "hey ladies" look for when I'm a famous musician.

This full moon's zombies are of the undead renaissance fair worker variety.
Zombie: Arg, my back pain gives me rage!

Zombie: Take that gnome!

Zombie: Tee hee hee!

Virginia: k, bye

Moving on, it's Adam's birthday (remember him? babies aren't as exciting when there's toddlers around). Noah throws an actual birthday party this time.

Of course Natalie was invitied, and immediately she heads over to Christian.

Felicia: Um, excuse me?

Jesse: Yeah, I wanted to hold the baby.
Felicia: Who even are you?

The birthday party was crashed by a ghost. Odd.

He then possessed the play table, because just like the other guests he couldn't stay away from the nursery.
Seriously guys, stop harassing the children.

It's time for Adam's birthday! And everyone still just ignores it, including his mother.
Felicia: Hold on, I got this.

Felicia: Baby <3
Noah: anyone...?

A little late, Felicia.

Here we have Adam Angeliszt as a toddler! He also got his dad's hair and mom's skin tone. His eyes are also brown, but I believe they're Felicia's shade of brown rather than Noah's.

I thought Adam looked slightly less pale than Christian, so I tried to put them next to each other to compare. It didn't go particularily well.
Christian: Is he going to be doing that all the time?

Luckily, Noah came in to fix whatever the problem was.
Noah: What's that, Adam? Is it LOVE?

Adam: hehehe!

The boys actually played with each other (well, not really, but they're in the same room so it counts).
Adam: Blocks are fun!
Christian: Curse you, stick, I will punish you for your insolense.

Mr. Mango tried to ask Felicia out in the middle of the night.
Felicia: I've got two kids and another on the way, what do you think?
(P.S. thanks for the tramplone, kisses <3)

I thought Fredrick von Fredrick was coming inside for a sec and was excited, but then I realized it was the demon spawn. UGH, don't test me, IF.

Adam taught himself to talk in one night, yay! #totallynotcheating

A racoon came to visit. I am excited because I love raccoons despite the fact that they are the followers of satan.

The snow is not asleep, you just can't see the raccoon taking a nap.

Noah wanted to make a snowman, so I let him do that. Hopefully it will be cool like the hockey snowman.

I also sent Felicia off to some athletic opportunity at the gym. I'm assuming it's some kind of pregnant olympics.

Noah's traditional snowman was good, but ultimately a let down.

The high chair gets used for the first time! I always have my sims feed their kids on the floor so this only happens when it's done autonomously.

It's also Christian's birthday! Here are some final pics of him as an adorable toddler.

Noah: Heehee!
Christian: Heeheehee!

Noah and Christian: *smoulder*
You can really see the family resemblence in this picture.

Birthday time! I'm a bit partied out so it's a private family affair (it's not like any of the guests ever care anyway).


Uh, no, Christian. I'll have to fix that.
He rolled bot fan when he grew up, which will be interesting if he ends up heir, since I've never played a sim with that trait before.

I decided (in light of the Angeliszts' never-ending poverty) to just resuse the nursery as a bedroom.
Here's what furniture I could afford.

All the nursery stuff just got shoved into the hallway.

Here's Christian post-makeover! He's such a beautiful child. I gave him a robot shirt to match his new trait.

He goes to check out his new furniture.

Christian: The bed's pretty cool, though.

Christian: *bitter weeping*
Wtf, you wanted that thing.

Yes, I can see how much it upsets you when you beeline over to it.

Christian: Behold, I am a prince.
Yes, you are, and it's adorable.

Christian: *swagger*

Christian: Hm, the peasants are starving? Why yes, I can fix that *waves sceptre*

Christian: Yes, yes, I know you all love me, don't crowd all at once.

Meanwhile Christian and Felicia enjoy a bit of romance under the stars.
And I just realized I have no idea what Adam's been doing this entire day. We won't be seeing him until next update, actually. Oops.
I don't have a bias, thank you. Totally.

But moving on to the next day, Christian heads out for his first day of school (without putting his outerwear on for some reason).

Noah also has work, so he runs handsomly off in his uniform (outerwear is for the weak, apparently).

Noah: Aw, yeah, I got this.

Hey, Miriam's wearing her uniform today!

Noah still ends up firefighting alone. I guess that's just the way it works.
Also, it seems his upgraded fire extinguisher shoots orange chemicals instead. Interesting.

Meanwhile, Felicia goes into labor. This is not a convenient time, Felicia, can't you wait?
Oh well, I guess she'll have the baby at home so Adam doesn't need a sitter (he's still here, out of sight).

Christian gets back from school and promptly freaks out. I would too if I came home and my mother was giving birth in the kitchen.

He gets over it pretty quickly and autonomously decideds to do his homework right behind her. I like this kid too much.

birth sparkles~!

It's a girl! This is Judith Angeliszt, named after my favorite biblical character. She was born with the athletic trait and rolled excitable. She likes latin music, firecracker shrimp, and spice brown.

I'm going to leave you here. See you guys in update 2.1. Hope you enjoyed.
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