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The Angeliszt Legacy - 2.1

The Angeliszt Legacy 2.1 - Noah's Arc (of Children)

Hello, friends. Welcome to update 2.1 of the Angeliszt Legacy! Things are getting well underway here, and I'm excited to show it! I tried something a little different with the title picture, I'm not sure if I like it or not (my editing skills are craptacular). Anyway, my college term just ended, so I'm on spring break right now, and hopefully I'll be able to get a little ahead on this so I don't end up taking a long time between updates, but we'll have to see how that goes. This update is 143 pictures long, so let's get to it.
P.S. I'm at home now and it takes for-ev-er to upload pictures here. It's been 5 minutes and only like 15 pictures are up. I just want you to feel my pain.
I'm also maybe a little too proud of my title

Update 2.1 is starting off with Christian playing on the trampoline (I have yet to tire of taking pictures of him).

Then he falls on the ground. Haha, Christian, I’m only laughing because I care!
You can barely see him because of the snow.

There he is!
Christian: Ugh, I bruised my face.

Christian is also an autonomous dish-washer. God bless you, son.

Also, here’s Adam, who I totally didn’t ignore ever.
Noah’s teaching him how to walk.

I’m sorry I neglected you last time, Adam, you’re just as cute as your brother.

Adam: I shall overcome with my superior stepping skillz

Adam loves the play table more than Christian did.

Adam: Lime green is my favorite, y’know… *smirk*

It’s also snowflake day! We’re throwing a gift-giving party, because tis the season to get free stuff. We also got the welcome news that Felicia gets a holiday bonus of 2,362 simoleons! Noah is just thrilled about it, as you can see.

I also realized that clicking on Christian gives an option to activate robot mode (or something like that). I was curious, so I tried it. Apparently is means Christian puts a cardboard box on his head.

Nothing else really seems to change (Noah is unaffected, and perhaps he shouldn’t be).
Side note, I like that Christian wants to talk to his dad about his little brother.

Judith exists, she’s just still in larval stage and is therefore not exciting. Well, to me, Noah’s still thrilled.

Noah: Who’s daddy’s little girl, hmm?
You can see one of the devil spawn in the background. Judith got one, too, but I'm deleting them cause they're annoying.

Christian starts building an igloo, but that can be put on hold, we’ve got a party to start!

My favorite party guest is first, of course.
Natalie: yawn, that kid I picked up once is soooo boring…

Christian: lol, it’s that lady who danced on our counter once.
This family needs actual friends.

I invited ghost-crasher back, since I don’t want to risk having a normal gathering.

I wanted Felicia to greet him and accidentally pressed “rude introduction.” Sigh. This is going to haunt me forever.
(hee hee, ghost pun I’m so cute)

Chris keeps trying to eat despite the fact he’s not hungry at all.
Christian: I want it in my face.

Hooray, gift time! Judith starts crying immediately, of course (why can’t we have any fun?). Whatever, we’re pressing on! Chris is up first.

He got one of those bouncing bee playground toys, cool.

Next up is Noah.
Also, lol at Natalie, who’s putting her hand on her heart whilst staring at Noah’s butt. I suppose he has gotten more muscular since their date.

Noah got a painting, which I’ll end up shoving somewhere and forgetting about it.

Felicia’s up third! Noah goes to take care of Judith before one of the guests calls CPS on the Angeliszts.

She got a video game system, which we already have, so yay money!

The guests go and then everyone in the family gets a second turn. Chris gets a dollhouse, Noah gets a lamp (which I sell for 300), and Felicia gets another videogame system (both together sell for 1500).
Noah’s smustling in the background there. At least I think he is.

For reasons I really cannot explain Noah gets promoted at the end of all this.
Noah: thafuq did I do?
Jackie: booo, who is this flop?

Christian finished his igloo!

He goes in to play by himself (I can never invite kids to parties for some reason).

I put the dollhouse in Christian’s room and Adam immediately zeroes in on it.

Uh, is Chris talking to himself in there, because he’s alone…?

It’s also Noah’s birthday! (I didn’t have time to fit it into the party)
Christian: Yay, dad!

Christian: Yaaaaaaay
Noah: Hmm, what should I wish for?

*~*birthday sparkles*~*



After fixing that, I decided to let Noah get the wish he rolled: have a child. This will be the last one.
Noah decides to traumatize his first born while he’s at it.
like he wasn’t already

Christian: If I don’t look it’s not happening, right?

Babymaking time~!

Babymaking time #1 was a fail (for the first time ever, I guess it comes with age).
Babymaking time #2 commences!

With the money from the bonus and presents I started adding on to the house. The original format isn’t really ideal for making additions, but I’ll do what I can.
I also rearranged Christian’s room and then neglected to take close-ups of it. I just moved stuff around and made the loft bed a bunk bed (he and Adam will be sharing).

The house looks a little weird from the outside. I am willing to live with that.

It’s Judith’s birthday! I’m lazy so I just used master controller to age her up without the cake.

Yay, a blonde! Like Felicia, her blonde has dark roots and streaks. She’s got brown eyes (of course), and while her skin seems less pale than her brothers’, it’s still lighter than her dad’s.

I kept wondering why I was getting bus notifications, and I realized that Christian took the bus to school but didn’t actually go into the school. Instead he just played on the playground in the back.
If that’s what you want to do, Chris; you’ll get in trouble, not me.

I madeover Judith. I like her grumpy face.
Judith: Excuse you, your tree trunks are in my way.

Here’s a better close up of her. She’s very cute.
I put stars on her face cause I CAN.
I dunno, it seemed like she needed something

Uh, Felicia, you’re missing a little, there…

Like most sims, Judith prefers devouring dolls to playing with them, but she looks a little too intensely happy here.

Noah is helping Adam finish learning to walk when he sense’s Christian’s return.

Noah: What the hell, Christian, you go to school but can’t go to school!?


Noah: *pout*

Christian: Woah, dad, calm down a little.

Noah: I can’t believe this thing came from my perfect sperm.

So Christian is in trouble (which doesn’t seem to bother him much, tbh). Noah goes to make himself feel better by playing with Adam.

Noah: Well done, Adam, you won’t disappoint me like that other one, will you? *applause*

Felicia finally finished the opportunity she started last update and won a cash prize. I got a pull-up bar since both she and her husband need athletic skills.

I got a notice someone sent the Angeliszts a gift, which is odd since my game doesn’t usually notify me of things like that anymore.

It turned out to be this art, which is like a blurry blown-up photo. It wasn’t worth enough to sell, so it’s brightening up the hallway.

Since Christian has no friends, he ended up trying to play tag with the papparazzi. It didn't really work, though, they just ended up standing there awkwardly for an hour.

I made Christian do some chores to get off the hook (his hidden autonomous-neat-freak trait wasn't on tonight, apparently).

Noah: Well, alright, I guess I can let you off this time.

Noah: But P.S you ever do that again and I will smite you with love, got it good

That's an interesting choice of maternity wear, Felicia.

I think teaching yourself to talk is becoming one of the Angeliszt family traditions.

Also, I opened Noah's inventory and found this! Evil Mr. Gnome! Yeees!
I couldn't figure out where he came from and looked it up. Apparently this is what the gift notification was talking about. According to the internet, a sim gets an evil gnome when they've been being evil (I realized Noah hasn't stolen anything in a long while, so it's probably not that) or if they have an enemy. I guess Felicia's ex sent this to Noah. Thanks, Mr. Mango!
I named him Freckles.

It seems Freckles likes to follow Fredrick von Fredrick around.

Poor Fredrick. He's trying to get away and it is not working.
Freckles: hee hee hee.

Anyhoo, this is what I was trying to do when I opened Noah's inventory screen: throw a birthday party for Adam!

Aw, autonomous family hugs are the cutest!

Gnome update: the chase goes on.

Oh Natalie, can't you ever act normally?
actually please don't, i love you

Hey, one of the guests is actually celebrating! Progress!

It's sparkle time!

Pigtails AGAIN? Is this just going to be the default hairstyle for all of you now?

Adam: Oh ho ho, who is that loser?
Don't pick up on everyone's bad habits, Adam, you still have a chance to be civilized.

Christian gets a phone call for I-don't-even-remember-what, and randomly rolls the lifetime want to be a creature-robot crossbreader. Appropriate, I suppose.
Well, legacy rules and all, so Chrisitian has a LTW!

Also, here's Adam post re-styling. He's cute!

I put them next to each other for comparison. Adam isn't as pale as Christian, and they have different noses and lips (it's easier to see when the pic is full-size).
I still get confused sometimes from farther away, though.

Adam: how long do I have to stand next to him?
Christian: can I go now, or...?
Come on, don't you guys want to play together?

Adam: Nope!

Adam: Wheeee!
Well, fine then. I guess it's good he likes Christian's gift.

Adam asks Noah for a bedtime story, which hits me right in the cute-detector.

Noah decides to read him a handiness skill book, lol. But that would definitely put him to sleep, I suppose.

kisses <3

Adam gets up early the next morning to play on the trampoline in his underwear. Didn't you want to change first?

Christian: I like the feeling of snow on my bare feet, personally.
I hope you two don't get frostbite, but you deserve it.

I've never had any of my sims autonomously clean the potty chair, let alone a child.
Stop being perfect, Christian!

He's still cleaning plates...

...and now the shower too!
I want to keep you forever.

Meanwhile, Adam does the homework he apparently has despite having never been to school.

Yay, they're playing together!
Adam: You are literal garbage, big bro.
Whatever, it still counts!

As this is going on, Noah teaches Judith to walk.

Adam: Hey, I wanted to play on that... :(

It's okay, Adam, you can go greet the girl that randomly showed up on the lawn.
Megan: I like shrimp.

Adam promptly ditches her after that to go play videogames inside, so I have Christian greet her because he also needs friends.

Adam comes back pretty quickly, though.
Adam: God those videogames sucked. It was worse than talking to you.
Megan: I hope if I listen to this they'll give me food.

Christian entertains his brother and guest with a ghost story.
Megan: brb, need to eat.

Okay, now Christian entertains them with a ghost story.

If there's anyway to make sure your children make friends, it's to talk to them in your highly-inappropriate underwear.
Felicia: Thanks for coming over, random girl.

Oh yeah, Megan is definitely coming back to this house.

Megan: Hello, sir, may I have a bedtime story?
Noah: Who the hell are you?
This actually happened, wtf, nobody invited you to stay over, Megan!

Felicia went to the hospital alone again (she looks kind of sad about it, I'm sorry!). And it's another girl!
This is Mary Angeliszt (I had to name her Mary, didn't I?). She was born a genius and rolled eccentric. She likes pop music, chili con carne, and spice brown.

Noah: Hooray, new baby! :D

I'm not sure if Freckles knocked Fredrick over or if Fredrick's just sunbathing and Freckles is watching creepily.

Noah's going stir crazy, so I sent him to the gym.

We have a bit of money, so I made the girls a room.

I also bought a computer. There's not really a good place for it, though, so for now it's just going to be kind of in the way.

I mainly bought it so Felicia could sign Adam up for scouts. I wanted to put Christian in it, too, but that wasn't an option for some reason.
Maybe because he has a D since he skipped, idk.

Felicia's a computer-whiz (I forgot about that, since it hasn't really mattered until now). There was an option for something called overclock, so I had her try it. Apparently it made the computer sturdier. Cool.

Also, Noah got promoted! I think he's fire captain now!
LTW status is still 0/30. I think we just have to give up on that, tbh.

Christian gets an opportunity to befriend Megan for school, so he invites her over.

Unfortunately, he's seems to have gotten Noah's luck with that.
Christian: Call you in 23 hours? What?

Noah stops by the firestation to maintain equipment.
(I tried to make him go to work early, didn't work)

It turns out Megan was just busy with an after-school program and exaggerated the time frame a little.

It's a full moon, so you know what that means!

Zombie: I LIIIIVE.
She disappeared pretty quickly after that, so it wasn't very exciting. At least she didn't assault my gnomes.

Felicia can also hack into stuff when it's dark! I makes a bit of money, but not much.

I aged Mary up a day early because I am a filthy cheater.
Also I want her to be closer in age to her siblings.

Noah's black hair makes a triumphant return, marking Judith as the only blonde of gen 2.

She's extremely pretty (black hair, Noah's brown eyes, you know the deal).

She's also got an IF (isn't the game supposed to pretend that these are somewhat rare?).
I'm going to let her keep it. I will regret this instantly, I'm sure.

Most likely pressured by Christian's perfect-child-of-perfection status, Adam has also become an autonomous shower-cleaner.

Christian tries to invite Megan over again and this time it succeeds.

Christian: That's right, I got game.

It's been a few minutes and you already have to apologize for something.
You don't got game, Christian.

He is able to make a friend, however. She even accepts his sleepover invitation.

Megan goes to sleep in Mary's future bed, which Mary closely supervises.

Mary ends up crying and waking her up. Megan follows her into the hallway, but she doesn't stomp and pout like most sims do.
Megan: I'm not even mad, I just hate her.
Judith: Why is everyone always in my way?

Why are you awake? It's 4 in the morning and your not fully rested yet!
Adam: Well, uhh, there was a reason...

Hey look, Noah's going back to work!
finally, jesus

Papparazzi: I must capture this moment for prosterity!

Either that's some kind of x-ray camera or he's actually taking pictures of a wall.

Noah is now a backdrift specialist! Noah is scaling this career ladder really fast, which would be awesome if his LTW was to reach the top of the firefighter career, but it's not.
The glitch also reared its ugly head againt today, but it was kind of my fault for not following procedure.
LTW status: still 0/30

Megan comes home with Christian the next day (he is currently leading in the gen 2 friendship olympics with a grand total of 1). They all work on homework together.

It's also Judith's birthday! Hooray, less toddlers!
I'm not feeling a party today, so family affair it is.


This pigtail thing is here to stay, isn't it?
She rolled technophobe, which is amusing and annoying at the same time.

Here is Judith post-makeover.
Yes, I put the stars back, I like them.


Judith: Whee, horse!

Well, that's all for this update! I hope you enjoyed, the next update will hopefully be up sooner rather than later!
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