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The Angeliszt Legacy - 2.2

The Angeliszt Legacy 2.2 - Social Ineptitude (and how!)

Heey, guys, guess who didn't die?
I did break my foot though.
So, this update's been a long time coming. Essentially, school started up again, I broke my foot and couldn't walk for some 6 weeks or so, and then I had to take finals and move all my crap back home, and here we are! I could have made time to play/write my legacy, but I really dropped the ball. Actually, I had about 3/4 of the pictures taken for this legacy since not long after the last update was posted. I just waited 10 weeks before finishing it up (for shaaaame). Anyhow, now the trials of finding summer employment are upon me, as well as preparing for my study abroad program. I'll try to keep up with this more, but I clearly shouldn't be making any promises.
Okay, enough blabbing. This update has 126 pictures! I didn't really have a good concept for the covershot so I just threw something together. In any case, enjoy update 2.2!

First off is a gnome update: little has changed, Freckles continues to torment Fredrick von Fredrick into an early grave.

I ended last update with Judith's birthday, which hasn't technically ended yet.
Judith: btw, in case the cake and aging didn't tip you off, it's actually my birthday.

Megan: Oh wow, I totes didn't notice!

Megan: someday, she will suffer for thinking she is prettier than me.
Judith: me... <3


Megan: Thanks for inviting me, Ms. Nightgown, I had an indifferent time...
This girl seriously always looks evil, why?
I want your side-eying genes

Mary is still beautiful. Here she is taking part in the great Angeliszt teach-yourself-to-talk tradition.

What do you think you're doing? Stay in there!
Adam: Well, it's 4am, y'know.

Adam: That means it's time to take on the day. *cracks knuckles*

Adam: But I'm hungrrrry...

Uh, hello, officer?

Random Police Officer: Don't mind me, just need to steal this off your property.

Judith: ahem, Attention, everyone, attention!

Judith: I, Judith Angeliszt, hereby proclaim my authority over this computer chair and all its ajacent properties
Adam: I refuse to acknowledge I'm related to her.

Ah, such lovely weather for Christian's birthday party!

Christian himself is, of course, playing alone in his room.
Christian: C'mon now, you guys, color coordination is the key to a happy marriage.

Judith meanwhile has found at least one faithful subject.
Noah: Aww, I acknowledge your authority, honey *impales face on crown*

Adam also goes to play by himself. But in a different room from Christian, of course.
Adam: Whee, boats are better than friends! :D

Noah: I must mentally prepare myself.

Noah: Hey, how are you? So, birthday party at my house... yeah, we do have a lot of them, don't we...

Since I can't invite kids to parties (at any time of day, it seems) I had Christian just invite Megan to come over since she's his only friend.

Christian: Hey, sweet stuff, wanna come to a party?

Christian: Will it get awkward that I said that later when I'm a teenager and she's still a child?
Maybe a little.

Adam: Um, excuse you, I was playing alone in here first.
First, it's her room, Adam.

Hooray, social interaction!
Christian: Guess what, it's my birthday!

Megan: Wow, really?

Megan: How nice for you... *squints*

And then it all fell apart.

Megan: I HATE YOU.
Christian: Where did I go wrong?

Megan: Boooooo
Christian: I didn't do anything to deserve this!
Well, there goes your one and only friend.

Megan: That'll teach you to announce your birthday; Meg out.

Hands off Christian's costume chest, Megan, you can't just yell at him and then use his stuff!

Megan: Look, I'm a princess, teeheehee

Megan: I'll just wave by to Christian from here, BYE LOSER.

Yeah, Adam, it's not your birthday, get away from there.

Well, you know the party's started when mom and dad start slow dancing to rap music. But where's Christian.

Where else but sitting by himself in a room, IT'S YOUR BIRTHDAY, GET OUT THERE.

Two guests decided to celebrate this time (albeit Natalie in a rather rude fashion).
Random Guy: Yay, kid!
Natalie: Haha, old age leads to death!

Natalie: loooooool
Megan: Oh, is it your birthday, Christian, you should have said something!

Christian: Horray for Christian!

Christian: Huh, is it happening?

Christian: Aw yeah, it's happening.

Christian: How'd it go?
Well, no more pigtails at least.
Christian rolled frugal, which is a bit of a wash, trait-wise.

Christian's siblings immediately loose all interest.
Adam: Hang on, I need to take this.
Judith: I'll get you one day, television.
Ah, family love.

Adam: Well, if you put that there... no, the other thing...
Adam mumbles to himself a lot, but he's not insane. Maybe it's an eccentric thing?
He also rolled the same LTW as Christian (Creature-Robot Crossbreader).

Anyway, Christian's make-over is complete! To celebrate, I forced him to dance and socialize.
Christian: I hate benches.

Christian: hee...

Christian: I also hate birthdays.

Christian: heehee...
Maybe it's better that he doesn't talk to people. :/

Ugh, Chris' birthday triggered the Mascot for Mild Irritation. Whatever, I just took the bucket and sent him away.

Christian is still winning all the points with me with his autonomous cleaning.

Christian: Working my way to heir, one plate at a time

I had Felicia do some hacking to give us more spending money. She got 527 simoleons on her own, and then 2000 came from somewhere. I think Mr. Mango may have died, I'm not sure.

Adam: Well, 4 am, you know what that means...
Uggghhh, I'm so done with you, Adam. You better grow out of this when you become a teenager.

Best part of having a teen: automatic forced-babysitter. I don't know what's happening with his feet there, though, yikes.

I honestly cannot remember why I took a picture of this (that's what not finishing an update for several months will do).
So, ehh...

Judith: yes, that sounds excellent and nefarious...
I suppose will never know.

Mary's still adorable. She still has that damn IF, but nothing will probably come of it (whether naturally or by sim-god intervention).

Noah: OMG, what is with all this rain?
You're inside, Noah.

Formal dance, hooray! If only Christian knew anyone to go with.

I wanted more gnomes, so I sent Christian to search for eggs.
Sidenote, I also had to place the festival grounds lot myself. You fail me, Aurora Skies.

Adam might be making a friend, however! He goes over to a classmate's house who's name I didn't write down because, SPOILER, they didn't become friends.
Adam: Hello, ma'am, may I interest you in an evening of frolicking and fun?
Girl: lol no, let's do homework.

Noah goes to take care of some kind of disaster at the horse stadium (or whatever it's called).

Uhh, okay. Why is there a simbot in the horse stadium? Why is this a job for the fire department?
I dunno, don't ask questions.


Another successful day on the job.
LTW Status: 0/30
*bitter weeping*

Adam: I hate homework /grumble

Adam: Hey, so do you maybe wanna do something else, like take pictures, or...
Girl: ignore, ignore

Judith, meanwhile, does not do her homework.
Judith: Ahh, gnome music box, you take all my troubles away.

Hate-stalking deer makes a triumphant return.
Deer: I hate that guy, I came by specifically to let you know.

Christian did manage to find a new gnome! I forgot his name, so we'll just call him Bob for now.
Also, Fredrick von Fredrick got old! And rather fast, too, it seems. Maybe Freckles really is sucking the life out of him.

Chris also found three festival eggs! I sold the two blue ones and kept the meth-bunny one for decoration.
The Angeliszts now have a comfortable 10,000 simoleons or so in the bank which I soon will waste.

Noah: Hahaha, you're doing homework? LOOOSER.

Felicia: lol, what a NERD!
Seriously, you guys? Why? No wonder poor Christian has social anxiety issues.

Bob came inside to stare at his egg, thereby becoming the first gnome to actually come into the house!

Bob's other interests include gleefully watching Freckles torment Fredrick von Fredrick to his untimely demise.
You are a sick, sick gnome, Bob.

Adam: I hope you brought your umbrella! :DD
Judith: For what? It's not even raining and our house is literally right there. I'm done talking to you now.

Judith: You're the best, Dad!
Noah: No, you're the best, sweetie!
Well, at least Judith is talking to someone.

Noah: Now excuse me, I need to upgrade this stove *smashes with hammer*

Felicia's off the work!
Yeah, remember that? She had a job (and not as a walking incubator)!

Noah's so close to the top of his career track and yet has somehow made NO PROGRESS on his LTW.

Judith and Christian decided to try having a conversation, but it didn't go very well.
At least you're trying guys, that's progress.

Judith: I could be thinking about me right now...
Adam: yum, cake

Christian: brr, it sure is freezing out isn't it?
Judith: What? It's almost summer, does no one in this family know what the weather is?

What are you smirking at, Freckles? Don't screw with the carefully arranged stolen garden lighting.

Adam looks kind of drunk here.
Adam: I'm fffine... where does this go again?

Hey, Fredrick von Fredrick came inside to listen to some tunes!
(and probably to get away from Freckles)

Natalie, you got old!

Natalie: HAHAHA, is he reading a book? You're a DORK!
Christian just never catches a break, does he?

In case you're wondering, we're having a party! A birthday party, obviously, do we have any other kind?

Party Pooper: This party sucks, I'm out!
You didn't even go inside!

Mary's aging up! Once again no one outside the Angeliszt family cares. Too busy holding invisible plates, I suppose.

Mary: birthday derp

Yay, Mary aged up into a fashion disaster! But we can fix that.
She rolled Loves the Outdoors. We're getting overlapping traits this gen.

Adam's taking up Christian's 'eat despite full hunger bar' impulse.
Put that back, Adam, you guys are going to be living off those leftovers for the next week.

Apparently Mary's IF is invisible now, goodie.
She also rolled the want to be a Vocal Legend (one of my least favorite LTWs - that career track is a bitch).

More importantly, here is Mary post-makeover. She's still very pretty. I gave her a classier dress, but also kind of obnoxious tights, but you can't see them in this picture.

Judith: Why am I not getting any attention? EXCUSE ME, I HAVE STARS ON MY FACE SHE IS NOT PRETTIER THAN ME.

Christian continues to fail socially.
Christian: Thanks for coming, guy! *derp smile*
Guy: must get away...

Mary isn't social either, but in a more graceful way.
She decides to read to improve her brain

...while her brother rots his with video games.
Adam: what? brain not good for stuff, why need it?

Noah, however, realized that Mary's genius trait made her the only halfway-intelligent child and that couldn't be wasted.
Noah: improve your skills, daughter.
Mary: this conversation makes me wanna take a crap

Mary: fine, I'll just make grown men cry in online chess *aggresive clicking*
Future doctor right here.
On that note, I've been considering whether or not to send the heir to university or not. I like playing it, but it's also time consuming. I'll ruminate on it.

Using the money saved up I made a new nursery (now that we no longer need it for a little while). I couldn't really get a good angle, but there's quite a bit of decor.

I then moved the computer into the former nursery area so it's not in the middle of the hallway anymore.

Also, Felicia got promoted! I put her in the thief track of the criminal career.


Time to greet this beautiful day!

Fredrick's surprisingly nubile in his old age.

Bob is kind of a creep, though. Why are you in the girl's room?
Mary: Whatever, I'm too tired to care.

It's also Adam's birthday! Hooray, hormones incoming!

Later that day, Noah responds to a large housefire call. Finally he gets to break down a door.

...there isn't actually any fires though. Odd. Doesn't stop him from needing to "save" people though.

Noah: All I did was break down perfectly functional doors and yell at people. I feel so accomplished.
LTW: 3/30

Also, it's Monday, which means it's the school formal. Christian brushes his teeth to get ready..

Christian: I'm not sure I like the sound of this "hanging out with my classmates" stuff...
Go, have fun, come back with a romantice prospect!

Anyhoo, Mary rolled an opportunity to make a friend for school so she brought Dequan home with her.

He goes to do his homework inside she does hers outside. WHY?
Mary, you're supposed to be making-
Mary: Don't care.
Gen 2 Friendship Olympics Current Standing: 0 vs 0 vs 0 vs 0

Noah also got a trophy for saving two sims lives from the non-existant fire. It's freaking huge.

I didn't throw a birthday party for Adam but Dequan was at least nice enough to celebrate! Felicia apparently was not.
Felicia: Whatever, there's like 10 birthdays a week, it's hard to get excited for it anymore.

Adam: I am expecting great things.

Adam: Well?
Oh wow. The pigtails are back. Also why is he dressed like budget Indiana Jones?
Adam rolled Dislikes Children. That's not a particularily appealing trait for a legacy.

Dequan: It's so nice to work on homework together isn't it?
Judith: I suppose it is.
Mary: Yeah whatever, I'm going to bed.

Adam post-makeover! His bone structure worked out a little better for him than Christian's did.
I'm going to end the update here.

But first, if you're wondering how Christian's prom went, well, it... went. He apparently won prom king, competition must have been weak this year. I also don't know who Ethan is or why Christian apparently doesn't like him. He seemed to spend most of the time acting like a goofball and getting into trouble. I guess I'll have to get more hands on if I want him to find a romantic prospect.
Until next time (which will hopefully not be a long time)!
Hope you enjoyed,

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