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The Angeliszt Legacy - 2.3

The Angeliszt Legacy 2.3 - Family Cohesion

Hello, again! I'm glad I could finish this update so soon. I'm moving along at a pretty good pace, mostly because I don't really have anything else to do. Does anyone else have times where they just feel sort of restless, like they feel they should be doing something but don't know what? That's what I'm feeling right now.
But enough of all that, it's time for update 2.3! This update is 123 pictures long, and, as usual, goofy stuff happens.

Guess who doesn't wake up at 4 am anymore?
I also took this picture to show you the ridiculous car pajamas I gave Adam.

As per usual, Noah heads over to the fire station and works while his coworkers just stand around.

Case in point.
Miriam: Oh, excuse me
Other girl: Oh no, excuse me
Miriam: No, excuse ME
Sigh. In any case, the fire alarm goes off so Noah rushes off to perform his duties.

You'd think a police officer would show a bit more composure.

Noah: Eugh, I don't usually have to do anything with actual fire.
That's rather true, for a fire fighter he doesn't do that much fire fighting. Mostly he destroys faulty machinery and yells at people.

Noah: And that's why I'm the boss.
Noah's been promoted to fire chief! That means he can work from home.
It doesn't help his LTW, though, which is still 3/30

Judith: I, Judith Angeliszt, proclaim this to be my kingdom, and all of you my subjects!
Adam and Mary: *ignore*

There's another prom on Friday, so I wanted to try to get Christian a date. Though they're not friends anymore, his highest relationship is with Megan, who is now a teenager as well.
Judith: All shall bow before the power of my iron fist!
Christian: I'll just invite her over.

Judith: Mua ha ha ha ha ha!
Mary: *ignores*
Christian: What do you mean you're busy?

I set up the fire truck and fire alarm alongside the house. Then I took a picture while in build mode, which is why we have this lovely grid pattern.

Christian's social meter is pretty low, so I made him watch tv with his brother.
Christian: Ugh, I'd rather talk to Judith.

Judith: ...and after I have subjugated the peasants, I'll set fire to their homes...
Noah: Yes, my leige.
Mary: I can't believe you're encouraging this, you have disappointed me, father.

Noah: Hello, sweetie! <3
Mary: Dear Lord, it's like hugging a tree trunk

Christian: know, I think I can see why you hate children.
Adam: *disapprove, disapprove*
I'm just happy you're all finally talking to each other (though I had to make you)

Mary: Hello, father. I just wanted to let you know the last book I read was really good. Because I read books. Because I'm smart.

Noah: Sounds like time wasting to me. You need to improve your skills!
Mary: Are you serious?

Mary: Help, I'm stuck in this family and I want OUT
Noah: Alright then, you can play with your sister.

Mary: Yes, sir. All hail the queen.

Noah: I'm so proud, I could cry
Mary: Hmpf, everyone knows I'm the real queen around here.

Judith: Wow, I think that's the first time Mary's spoken to me without insulting me. :)

To my immense surprise, Judith actually went to sit down near the dreaded television so she could talk to Mary.
Mary: Well, since you're here, I suppose we could discuss this idea for an invention I had.

Judith: Yeah, trees!
Mary: *sigh*

Then Noah came and joined them. I don't know how to react to all this unprecedented socialization.

Noah: You know what's great, books!
Judith: Damn you television
Mary: Maybe if I put a tv in our room she'll leave forever...

Meanwhile, Felicia goes off to her first day of work in the thief branch of the criminal career! This is her burglar outfit.

Also, the gnomes have apparently breeded since there is now a new baby.
Apparantly it's a Mysterious Mr. Gnome, so does that make it Fredrick von Fredrick's child?
Oh, and and I actually named the bunny gnome Steve.

Back in the house, Christian joins in the socialization party, just in time to hear Mary talk about dragons.

Mary: ...and that's what really happened to the loch ness monster
Christian: le gasp!
Noah: That's not acutally true... is it?

Noah: Enough chit-chat, let's talk about weddings! Whoever becomes heir is gonna need to get married pronto.
But then Adam just had to ruin the party by shooing Mary out of the room.
Thanks, dislikes-children trait.

Mary: sighhh

Really, Adam, you dick, you're sending your little sister outside into the rain?
Adam: That's right, keep walking.

Mary: dafuq? NOW I'M ALL WET.

Mary: He's going to pay for this.

Mary: Hey, dad, you don't mind if I kill one of your sons, right? I mean you have two of them, so what's that harm?

Christian: Haha, she's such a kidder, right dad?
Noah: Hold on, I need to very seriously take this phone call.
It turned out to be one of the people Noah saved from nothing calling to thank him. That was nice of them.

She got arrested already? Booo, Felicia.

It's a full moon, which means asshole zombies.
Come on, you can't kick Fredrick! He's old and feeble; IS THERE NO COMPASSION IS THIS WORLD?

Then he goes to kick Freckles. Well, it's your funeral on that one.

In the morning the kids start working on homework since everyone was to busy at the socialization party the night before.
Christian is doing his in the hallway behind his room for some reason.
(ignore the indoor lawn behind him - rennovations slowly underway)

After the children go to school (and finish their homework there), Noah gets his first emergency from home!

And it's at the diner where he and Felicia went when they were dating!
Turns out he got called in because the air conditioning was freezing everything - isn't that like the opposite of fire?

Teenage Megan stops by to hang out. She's very pretty, I definitely want her as a legacy spouse!

Meanwhile, Mary and Judith are doing today's homework together.
Mary: I'm too smart to work with an idiot like you.

Judith: Ohh, I'm going to remember that forever :(

Noah comes home and brags about his firefighter/non-existent cooking prowess to his wife.

Felicia: OMG, I totally forgot I was married to a fireman! COOL!

Uh, Mary, if you're going to insist on playing with that thing can you do it somewhere else? Like not in front of the only shower?

It's been a while, but it seems that Fredrick can't get up on his own.

Mary: There you go, old man.

Mary: Oh, hello Megan, what brings you here?
Megan: Adam invited me over for some reason.
Jk, you're here for Christian, he was just busy at the time so his brother called for him
Megan: Laaaame.

Christian goes to greet Megan. Right by the tv that everyone else is once again crowding around.

Christian and Megan: *stare*
Adam: Hey, mom, can't you do something about all these kids?
Felicia: Not now, sweetie, I need to shoot this prostitute.
Mary: Hey dad, can I have a bedtime story?

Christian: So, you're very pretty. Want to go to prom with me?
Adam: Haha, classic mom.
Noah: Sure, Mary!

Megan: Sure, I've got nothing else going on.
Adam: This transgression shall never be forgiven.
Mary: Thanks, dad, this makes up for forcing me to play with Judith!

Hooray, Christian has a prom date!
I sense romance is in the future.

Christian: Well, that's all, bye then.
Social grace: level tactless.
Immediately afterwards, Noah gets a phone call.

Wow, Megan, fangirl much?
There better not be ulterior motives for going to prom with Christian...

Noah reads Mary her bedtime story. She really likes these. Poor Judith and Christian never got the chance since they have top bunks.

Mary: It's so cute how he tries to read.

Well, somebody woke up with grump face this morning.
Christian: Why do I smell bad? LIFE SUCKS

Christian: *intense pout*

Guess who won a free vacation! This means teen party!

Christian: Oh no, a party? Quick, B.O check! *sniffs armpit*
I think you're fine, Chris, you literally just took a shower.

It's also leisure day, so the Angeliszt children are just hanging out at home. Adam decides to do his homework right behind his brother. Maybe he's monitoring Christian's online chat sessions for predators.

Noah and Felicia are gone, and this is what's happening.
It's quiet as a chuch in here, guys, it's kind of sad your parents are apparently the ones making all the noise.

Megan calls Christian and tells him to hurry up and throw the party. Better do what she says, you're trying to impress this girl.

~The Cellphone Generation~
face-to-face contact is for n00bz

Christian: Yay, party.
Ignore the white lines of this picture, I'm taking it in a door (why do my sims make calls 5cm from a wall?)
Also ignore the weird fish-eye effect, don't know what that's about

Christian and Adam voluntarily hanging out? What's happened between this update and last?
They're jumping on the trampoline, btw, in case you can't tell.

Christian: brb, gotta take a dump!
Adam: Ughh, I feel dumber somehow *shudders*

Christian: I miss mom
Really? You're a teenager with no adult supervision.

Christian: Don't judge me! Look, I'm gonna play a prank on the sink!

Christian: Heeheehee, I'm such a rapscallion

And then he immediately goes to do his homework. I don't think you're cut out to be a rebel, Chris.

Judith: Hey, what's over there?


Mary: Ha ha ha, I see what you did there!

Judith: Friendship~
Mary: I will destroy her *plus*

The teens start showing up for the party. I invited as many as I could before getting maxed out.
Side note, the pigtail trend is still going strong in Aurora Heights.

I had Adam scan the crowd for the most compatable girl but he ended up thinking about some guy who wasn't even there.
Adam: Don't judge me or my as-of-yet-undefined sexuality.

In any case, Adam was also interested in this girl, Rayne. I like the roundness of her face.

Chris uses this opportunity to flirt with Megan. It's going rather well.
Mary: I've got pizza here, if anyone's interested.

Huh. I'm not sure what happened Adam, but it's not helping.

Adam: It's okay though, you're still hot.
Rayne: Thanks, you too.

Christian: Allright, everyone, SMUSTLE TIME. Everybody join in, even you random blonde guy!

Christian: Hey, Megan, I see you're dancing with some other guy, IT'S TOTALLY OKAY THOUGH, I DON'T MIND.
Mary: *grooves quietly by herself*

Key to a successful relationship: same focus

Rayne: What?
I think you're going to prom stag, Adam.

Adam: You know what would make this pizza better? If that gremlin wasn't here.
You can't kick her out of her own house, Adam. Well you can, actually, but don't.

Aww, Mary, you asked your big brother to read you a bedtime story? THAT IS SO CUTE!
Also lol, it's a cook book. Nice choice.

Christian: You should really learn this, Mary. Mom's the best cook in the house, and she only has one skill point.
Seriously, the Angeliszts have been living off birthday cake and party leftovers pretty much the entire time.

Christian: Goodnight kiss <3

Hey, somebody's fallen asleep on the floor! That's the sign of a good party.
Christian: Well, I guess we'll just leave him there, then...

The music wakes up blond guy pretty soon though and then he goes over and breaks the stereo. Asshole.

Well, with the stereo gone and most people passed out on the floor, I figured it was time to call it quits.
Megan: Mmm, that's my man alright

The party was only a modest success despite all of the effort.

The next morning everyone was smelly and needed to pee and I got tired of having only one bathroom so I built another. I also moved the blue bathroom so it isn't jutting out into the hallway anymore.

Look, more space! Except that computer station isn't there anymore either, because I also made a study!

Hooray! However, because I exited without saving due to some weirdness, it looks slightly different than this, but all the furniture's the same.
But then something weird happened (actually the same weirdness as before, but I wanted to make sure it actually happened).
So I had about 4,500 simoleons left after the remodeling. But then, all of a sudden...

But I think I figured it out...

Turns out Jackie Elliot just died. She was Felicia's roommate/bff back in the day, and apparently she was LOADED AS FUCK.
Case in point:

Money, money, everywhere!
Daaaamn. I really don't know what to do with all of this. I didn't use a cheatcode to get it, so I guess it's technically ok? But I think it's caused by the story progression mod, so it might not count as legit? It feels weird having so much money so soon in a legacy.
As of the end of this update I still haven't touched it yet. I might invest in businesses with it, which technically doesn't get rid of it, but it'll build in smaller increments that way so it's not all at once. Ughhh, idk.
I'll get back to the update now.

So, after all of that, Mary brought Roderick Oss-Valquist (how's that for a name?) home with her, which actually caused Judith to miss the bus, so she had to bicycle home.

Mary actually decides to work on her homework with him this time because I made her while Christian takes a nap before prom.

It's actually Judith's birthday today, as well!
As for prom, I didn't screenshot all the updates this time, but I'll give you an overview.

Christian bascially won the dating game, I got notifications for him and Megan kissing, dancing, and then going steady

However, most of this happened while Megan was just standing in the Angeliszts' front yard. Maybe it was telepathic.
Meanwhile, I was wondering why Adam was getting any notifications until I looked over at him and saw this:

Apparently he decided to just do his homework on the sidewalk in his tux. Yeah, NO.
After forcing him into prom, Adam became romantically interested in some girl named Peggy (I think she just became a teenager) who looks like Megan, at least from what I can see in the relationship bar.
I also got this notification:

I guess this cements my Adam-is-bisexual theory.
Also, he actually won prom king, so wouldn't that make Adam the most popular guy in school?

While this is happening, back at home Mary is falling victim to Christian's sink prank.

Judith is also aging up! Unfortunately, Mary's the only one at home to celebrate.

Roderick joins in too, though, that was nice of him.

I'm excited for Judith to become a teen, girls are more fun to customize than boys are.

Judith rolled unstable, which is another trait I've never played before. Apparently it can cause her other traits to change, which sounds interesting!

One makeover later, and here's Judith as a teenager!

She's got her dad's very full lips and dark eyes, but otherwise you can see a lot of Felicia in her features.

This kid ended up staying all night. I took this picture at around 1 in the morning, and he didn't go until 4 am.

But later in the day Noah came back home (Felicia won't be back for another few hours for some reason).
Judith: Hey dad, we got a bunch of money while you were away.

Mary: Oh hey, dad's back.
Noah: What happened to the stereo?
Judith: Oh no, the stereo! *huff huff*

Noah: Uh, are you okay, honey?
Judith: *HUFF*

Felicia's back! And she's an elder!
I figured the game would just push her birthday back, but apparently not.
And, thanks to the sudden windfall, her swimming in cash LTW got completed!
Well, technically it reset and I had to use mastercontroller to fix it, but it still counts!

I gave her a haircut and wardrobe change and she is one cool-looking elder!

Felicia: *pimp walks in* Sup, bitches.

That's all for this update! The heir poll will probably be next update, I'm excited!
Hope you enjoyed,
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