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The Angeliszt Legacy - 2.4 + Heir Poll

The Angeliszt Legacy 2.4 - Rationality is a Social Construct
(+Heir Poll - Closed)

(Alternative title: The Adventures of Ash and Photoshop CS6)
Spoiler Alert: I can't photoshop
(but at least my text looks nice)
Hello, friends.
I've been looking forward to this update! The HEIR POLL is at the end, and I'll discuss it more in detail down there. For now, let's just dive into update 2.4. There are 139 pictures to go through (which I though was long for a hot second until I realized that was pretty standard for this legacy - lol) so let's begin!

Update 2.4 begins with what I thought was a funny mid-fall-off-trampoline picture, but then…

Judith: 10/10, perfect landing.

Judith: What? :)
Well, color me impressed. I forget she has the athletic trait.

In other news, I used the random inheritance money to buy Felicia’s favorite place, Varg’s Tavern, which cost about 100,000 simoleons, and used most of the remaining 20,000ish to remodel the house. I haven’t shown what it’s looked like for a while, so here are some pictures of the legacy house thus far, mostly just so you can see where everything is.

This is what the house looks like from the outside. There’s a lot of lawn in a 64x64 lot, and I really want to fill it with trees and outdoor stuff, but those’ll probably be the last things to add.

This is the first floor and the new second floor, where the bedrooms were moved to. I’ve bought some new stuff, but a lot of the furniture is the same, just moved around. There’s a lot of open space both here and on the first floor which I’ll be working on filling up, but funds are rather low for now. My feelings toward the house are kind of meh. I’m used to building entire houses from scratch with lots of money. Adding on to small houses is a new experience, but I want them to keep this house instead of saving up and moving.

Judith: Woo hoo, we’re rich!
Er, sort of…

The renovations confused Christian and he ended up doing his homework in his sisters’ room. The randomness of where sims choose to eat/do homework/etc always amazes me.
(It’s why I have mixed feelings about not having the dining room immediately next to the kitchen. I suppose I’ll see if they make it to the table before I worry about it, though.)

Autonomous cleaning: the way into my heart

Aww, Noah got the Eternally Faithful reputation!

Felicia’s reputation is not as good, however. I completely forgot she left her boyfriend for Noah. I figured people would have gotten over it by now, though.
Ah, well. Reputations don’t really seem to affect my sims much, far as I can tell.

Noah and Felicia christen their new room in their own way.

I decided since it was the last day of summer and the family was really just lazing around they should all go to the community pool! They took Noah’s fire truck, which amused me.
(this pic is awkward af, though, so frustrating)

Christian and Judith splash around together in one of the pools. (I completely forgot about the bovine-colored wetsuit I gave Judith). She did not seem particularly amused by Christian’s splashing. Perhaps because even though it was summer it was like 45 degrees out and everyone was slowly getting hypothermia. Oops.

But nevermind that, breath-holding contest!

Christian: GASP

Judith: HA! IN. YOUR. FACE.
And then my game crashed. At least I saved after the renovating, that would have been frustrating.

Playing through the day again, I decided going to the pool probably wasn’t the best idea. Instead, I wanted to see Adam’s romantic interest, so he invited Peggy to the summer festival.

Adam: Great, I’ll see you there! Ha, take that dad, I can get a date!
Don’t hate on your father, Adam, it was a difficult time for all of us.

Judith decides to take up guitar for some reason. I guess since her technophobia prevents her from getting sucked into the tv/computer black hole she needs to find other ways to amuse herself.
Judith: Hey, dig this groove.

Judith: Unf, can you feel it yet?
Okay, bye now.

This is Peggy, Adam’s romantic interest. She’s blonde and blue-eyed like Megan is and their faces are sort of similar.

I was wondering why Adam was so short and then I realized Peggy is an adult. Uggh, Adam, you are Noah after all! Oh well, might as well enjoy the park anyway!

Adam: I don’t feel so good about this…
You’re the one that wanted to, no complaining.

Christian and Felicia stop to listen to Judith (she doesn’t have any skill points yet, I’d get out of hearing range if I were them)
Noah: I feel your groove, honey.

Meanwhile, Mary reads and continues to ignore Judith.

Christian, on the other hand, is in the tv black hole. I don’t think either of the boys have read a book in their lives.

I find their puppy love slightly unpleasant in light of the age difference, and yet still sort of cute.

Adam: Uh-oh UH-OH!

Adam: *splat*
Well, look on the bright side, it probably wouldn’t have worked out anyway.

Judith: I shall distract him by becoming a monkey… OOO OOO OOO

Judith: Oof, right in the crotch.

The kids were hungry by the end of the day, but most of them had to eat quick meals since we’ve actually run out of leftovers!
(This is quite unprecedented, no one in this house can cook because no one ever has to)

So I sent Felicia to make something and then this happens.
Um, excuse me, but WHAAAAAAAAAAAT


Everyone: *bawls*
This update was supposed to be fun and happy, what happened?

Grim Reaper: Hm. I don’t think I’m in the right place.

Grim Reaper: It’s cool, I can just do this through the wall.

Felicia: God, I’m hungry.
The grey-white color means she died from old age, right? Cause if she actually starved to death next to a refridgerator I’ll need to resurrect her so everyone in the family can punch her in the face.

Felicia: Do any of you guys have any food?
Everyone: Noo, whyyy?? *cries*

Grim Reaper: Um, excuse me guys, you’re kind of blocking the doorway.

Grim Reaper: Anyone?
Eventually he got fed up and just left. THANKS FOR NOTHING, GRIM.

Judith rolled this LTW while all of this was going on. Sounds just perfect doesn’t it? Who wouldn’t want an unstable, technology-hating doctor operating on them?

Judith: Oh, mom, I’m going to become the best doctor ever so no one ever dies again.
Well, it’s good to have dreams.

I didn’t really have a good place for the urn, or money left to build it, quite frankly, so for now she’s just in the kitchen. And while I don’t really worry about having legacy portraits, I was rather upset to notice there aren’t even any photos of Felicia. I just put some silver that was in her inventory next to her urn.

The next morning the autonomous weeping begins.
Judith: Oh, mom, I miss you and your awesome glasses already.

Judith: *huff huff*

Judith: This music box makes me feel so much better.
Okay, I just want to note everyone became obsessed with that music box for the next few days. Adam kept closing it and Judith (and occasionally Noah) kept playing it. It was so random and annoying.

Everyone deals with grief in their own ways.
Judith: Time to sweat off the sadness!
Christian’s Back: *defies anatomy*

Mary continues to destroy people’s egos in online chess.

After fatiguing herself, Judith decided to play in a puddle outside.
Judith: *splash splash*

Judith: Childhood lasts forever! *splash*

Judith: Oh my goodness, this giraffe is AMAZING
Jerry: I’ve never felt so appreciated!
I thought only insane sims (and maybe artistic types) randomly viewed stuff.

Aw, Megan called to check up on Christian (at least that's how I'm interpreting it)

Adam continues to be a dick to Mary. This time he just chased her out so he could use the computer instead, though.

Mary: someday...

I guess it's Judith's turn to get a visit from the hormone fairy.
Judith: My mom died like 2 days ago and I still have to go to school? THIS IS BULLFRAK

Judith: I shall booby-trap this sink so everyone can feel as bad as I do...
No one can do anything without crying three times in a row. I think they already feel bad.

Gnome Update: they're pretty much always in the same configuration, they just move around the lawn.
I also named the baby gnome Binky von Binky, in honor of his maybe-father (? I don't know how gnome reproduction works)

Judith also tried to booby-trap the couch, unfortunately Noah was passing by at the time.
Noah: I'm all wet, that only adds to my fury

Noah: How could you, Judith? And after I treated you better than my other children! DON'T MAKE ME GET THE WRENCH, IT'S DOUBLE-ENDED WHICH MAKES IT VERY COST EFFECTIVE.

Noah: I'm pouting!

Judith: hmpf

Adam: Hey dad, you're alarm is going off, you can kinda see it through the wall actually. Also you're blocking the tv, so could you please move k thanks


Noah: Yeah that's nice sweetie but people are burning to death so I gotta go.

The police of Aurora Skies are really suck-tacular

I don't know much about firefighting, but I don't think you need to be inside the flames to put them out.

Mary goes to a friend's house after school. Alone, apparently, since no one else was there. How'd she even get in?

The kids have a homework party to console each other.

Except, of course, for Christian, who continues to do his homework in his sisters' room.
Christian: I find purple wallpaper soothing.
C'mon, if Adam can stand being next to Mary surely you can do your homework with your siblings!

The next day the mourning period is over, which is good since it's Mary's birthday! It would just be very sad if everyone was crying into their cake.

The kids go to school and Noah goes to put out another fire inexplicably in the middle of a room.
(It's kind of sad how routine the firefighting becomes after a while)
This will actually be the last time Noah does any firefighting this update, since the glitch rears its ugly head again and I keep forgetting to be careful about it. Thus, no progress is make on Noah's LTW and I descend further into hopelessness.

Mary goes to the same friend's house after school and he still isn't there. At least someone is, though. I'm guessing she's his mom, and she apparently just got married (I don't really pay attention to random SP updates).

Mary: Hello Mrs. Whatever-your-last-name-is, tell your son he sucks, k bye

Party Time!
I can't invite any of Mary's child friends (why, I don't know) so I just have a bunch of random people come over. Of course, that includes my favorite party guest.

Peggy: Maintaining a fire alarm at a party? SOCIAL FAUX PAS, SIR.

This random girl Mollie showed up (she might have been invited, idk) and she asks to slow dance with Adam even though I don't think they've ever met. That's oddly personal.
Other Lady: Can you stop dancing so I can yell at you, please?

I put the cake in the corner before I realized how difficult that made it to take pictures.

Mary: Yay, puberty!

Obligatory sparkle shot!

No pig-tails, how can this be!?

Peggy: *HONK*

Here is Mary as a teenager!
I gave her the same haircut because I really like it on her. She's still beautiful, of course.

Mollie continues to beeline right into Adam's arms. Hmm... maybe this is a possible age-appropriate romance for you, Adam.

Adam: *gently caresses breasts*
Mollie: Oh how charming! *swoon*

Not to be outdone, Christian and Megan slow dance as well.

Christian: she's so pretty
Megan: I'm so pretty

Christian and Megan: *SNARF*

Megan: What was that? Your kissing technique is garbage!
Christian: Ha?

Christian: Seriously? WHY ARE YOU LIKE THIS?

My matchmaking skills are flawless.

They seem to make up, though, so all's well that ends well I suppose.

Poor Noah, he wasn't supposed to be alone so soon. He's not even an elder yet, he still has a few more days to go.
I'm considering letting him get married again, or at least find a girlfriend, but I haven't decided.

This random guy came by and jumped on the tampoline for a few hours and then left.
Why do sims treat the Angeliszts' front yard as public property?

Adam woke up in a snit the next morning.
Christian: I can't believe she said my kissing was garbage...

And Christian is also in a snit! Having four teens is a house is just delightful.
Adam, Christian, and Judith (for some reason) rolled the want to skip school, so I decided to indulge them.

Hooray, commence Angeliszt Skip Day (except for Mary)
Adam: I am going to destroy you guys.

Judith: You think so? Well LOOK WHO BROUGHT THE GUN SHOW

Judith: *cough cough* My glorious muscles are not helping!

Adam: Hey look, I won! Who would have predicted that?

Adam: Uhh, you guys know you can stop now, right?

They also had an apple-bobbing contest, which unfortunately got rid of their pie-face. :(

Judith: Oh, did I win? I guess that makes me ruler of the apple kingdom, and not, for instance, Adam.
Adam: Yeah whatever, I'm gonna go sit down.

Judith: *huff huff* Being the apple leader is so much responsibility

Since both the boys want to be in the science career track, I had them work on their fishing skills. Meanwhile, Judith picked wildflowers.
Judith: This would be more fun if I could keep the pollen out of my snot.

But eventually it was time to go home and get scolded.
Noah: And after I had such faith in you, Adam! Now Mary's the only one of you that hasn't disappointed me!

Adam: Oh come on, dad, it was one day.

Judith gets scolded next.
Noah: What is going on with you lately, young lady?

Noah: I am so disappoint right now.
Christian: Don't mind me, guys.

Subtlety, thy name is Christian Angeliszt.



Christian: ilu, Megan <3

Mary: Lol, guess what, I heard these three losers skipped school today

Judith: Wow, really? I heard it was a lot of fun. Y'know, that thing you never have?

Noah rounds off his day of successful parenting by getting hit with Judith's sink prank. I didn't realize the dishwasher was broken, oops.

I was wondering if there was something glitched with Felicia's grave because it had been a few days and I hadn't seen her, but she finally showed up!
I think that's her outerwear, I don't know why she's in that.

Well, this is pretty much all my ghosts ever do.
Sigh. Even death can't save you from the tv black hole.

The next day is Christian's birthday! It's also Spooky Day so there isn't any school. Christian randomly decides to kick Freckles.

And that's when I notice this.

Christian then decides to kick over the poor baby gnome cause he's apparently an asshole.
Mary just came out to contemplate the grave.

I tried to have Noah shower-woohoo with his ghostly wife but it didn't really work. He just watched her creepily for a while. #awkward

Steve gets kicked over as well. Why do you guys care about the gnomes all of a sudden?
(I later realized it probably had to do with teenage Spooky Day shenanigans)


Geez, Adam, what's your problem?
He looks a lot like Noah, I never noticed before

Judith's attempt at gossiping doesn't go over any better.
Adam: Look, I'm trying to tell you I don't want to talk to you, I don't know how to make it any clearer.

Judith autonomously picked up Freckles rather than kicked him. I guess we know who the good child is.
She may have only picked him up just to kick him over herself, but don't think about that

Since it's Spooky Day, Noah threw a costume party instead of a birthday party, just like it was for Christian's first birthday back in update 2.0.
(Which means Christian has been alive for a whole sim year; oh how time flies)
Here's the costume round up: Christian is a diver

Judith is a cheerleader

Mary is also a cheerleader

This is Adam's costume. I think it's some sort of goth-metal band member? I'm not sure.

And Noah is a thief, just like his late wife.

These three (Peggy, Natalie, and Megan) had trouble getting into the party. They just kept standing around and yawning at each other.

Cake time! Everyone at this party actually cheered for him (some got there late, but still)! I guess that's because they all know him at least a little.

Christian: I wish to be sexy!

~sparkling in progress~

Christian: Did it work? Am I hot?
Well, you will be.
Megan and Noah: don't look, don't look
He also was given the loves the heat trait (I couldn't roll because of his "indifferent study habits" - I guess skipping school the day before aging up wasn't the best idea hmmm)

See, what I tell ya? BOOTIFUL.
Seriously, though, jeebus. I gave him a bit of a nerdy look and he is ridiculously handsome.

Anyhow, the oldest is now a young adult and the other three are at least teenagers (and that's when I'm going to do this for all my generations), it's time for the

One thing to note, in case it matters to anyone: I will send the heir to university if it will directly benefit their LTW (basically if it's a traditional career LTW or something which social networking). Otherwise I won't. In this gen, Christian, Adam, or Judith would go, and Mary would not. I'll send them to uni pretty much right when they become young adults, and will probably squeeze it all into one update. University is fun but it'll take too long if I drag it out.

I will leave the heir poll open for a week, so it will close Thursday, July 9. I don't have an exact time, probably in the afternoon. I don't want to leave it open too long because I can't play until it's done. SO PLEASE DO VOTE! If there isn't enough for a real majority I'll use a random number generator (I will also do this is there is a tie to break it).

For Your Consideration:

Christian Angeliszt
"Halp, my nose is eating my glasses!"

Absent Minded | Loves the Outdoors | Loves the Heat | Bot Fan | Frugal
LTW: Become a Creature-Robot Cross Breeder
Tied for Bronze in Gen 2 Friendship Olympics (total: 1)

Adam Angeliszt
"I'd be a terrible father, but that doesn't mean I can't reproduce!"

Eccentric | Loves the Heat | Vehicle Enthusiast | Dislikes Children
LTW: Become a Creature-Robot Cross Breeder
Gold Medal Winner of Gen 2 Friendship Olympics! (total: 3)
[how did this happen? I have no idea]

Judith Angeliszt
"I don't need stars on my face because I am a star!"

Excitable | Athletic | Technophobe | Unstable
LTW: Become a World-Renowned Surgeon
Tied for Bronze in Gen 2 Friendship Olympics (total: 1)

Mary Angeliszt
"I can mathematically prove that I'm better than everyone else here."

Eccentric | Genius | Loves the Outdoors | Supernatural Fan
LTW: Vocal Legend
Silver Medal Winner of Gen 2 Friendship Olympics (total: 2)

Poll #2015974 Angeliszt Legacy: Gen 2 Heir Poll
This poll is closed.

Choose an Heir:


Thanks so much for reading! I hope you enjoyed!

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