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The Angeliszt Legacy - 1.0

The Angeliszt Legacy 1.0 - Fire Fails and Romantic Frustration
  Hello, friends. Welcome to my first legacy. I've played the Sims for many years now, and have done my fair share of lurking around other people's legacy posts and forums without actually making that final step into creating something of my own. But I've finally decided to start my own legacy and put up here on the internet. Fair warning, I'm still getting used to taking pictures, and my lighting and editing skills are still developing. Also, this update is going to be 143 pictures long. Is that a lot? It was more than I was expecting, that's for sure. But enough with the introduction, let's meet my founder.

Meet Noah Angeliszt! He's a brave, family-oriented hopeless romantic (because what other sim would start a legacy?) with mooch and kleptomaniac thrown in for good measure (and totally legit sources of income). He likes cheesesteak, geek rock, and the color red, and his lifetime want is to be a firefighter superhero.

First things first, time to drop Noah in a plot of land! I'm choosing Aurora Skies for the simple fact that I've never played it before.
Noah: *stares dispassionately*

He immediately starts screwing with his phone. To be fair, there isn’t much else to do. He looks pretty cute, I have to say.

Noah: teehee

Noah: heeheehee…

Well, there’s no time like the present to get started on that LTW, so Noah heads over to the fire department (which I had to manually place, wtf Aurora Skies, you’ll include a salon and tattoo parlor but not life-saving emergency servies?) to join the firefighter career. Aren’t you excited, Noah?

Noah: I’m bored, I wanna baby.

Since Noah has yet to find his future wife/walking incubator, he goes for the next best thing: video games!

And while he’s busy with that, I take this opportunity to build his legacy house! It’s small but quaint. At least from the outside.

Unfortunately, I had yet to buy furniture when funds began to run low. Luckily, the fire station comes equipped with beds, showers, and all the comforts of home, so Noah can squat there while he saves up a furniture budget.

But he’s not going to earn much if he doesn’t climb the career ladder! So off we start with some athletic training.

And of course, just like all sims he faceplants 5 seconds in. Good effort, Noah! Keep on keeping on.

Noah: God, this sucks… think of your dream, think of your dream…

Firefighters also need to learn handiness, so Noah futzes around with the fire engine.

I also end up buying him a bookshelf and couch, since the handiness class wasn’t much cheaper and this could be reused.

But then Noah has to go back to the fire station to take a dump. KNOWLEDGE > PLUMBING!
Noah: *calmly accepts fate*

Luckily, Noah has a side job in the business of sticky fingers, so he goes out to swipe some valuables. And first up is… safety cones. Well, those will come in handy.
I was able to sell them for 30 simoleons, so I suppose it wasn’t a total waste.

Noah then goes to sleep on the crappy fire station bed. Where he dreams of his new job and all the good he’ll do.

Noah: babiesssszzz….
We’ll have to start spouse hunting soon.

The crappy bed is surprisingly crappy, and Noah wakes up uncomfortable. Poor thing, a new bed is on the top of the priority list!

Noah is tucking into some cereal when one of his coworkers shows up! And she’s pretty!

She also seems to craving that crunchy milky concoction and sits down next to Noah.

Noah: I am so sore from working out yesterday! Or from sleeping here at the fire station. Did you know they have beds here?

Attractive coworker, however, ignores Noah in favor of complaining about someone who wasn’t even there.

Noah: *stares into universe*

This time, Noah greets her properly before trying to talk to her. Or at least he tries.
Noah: hurdur..

Miriam: wut?

Miriam: I am too fabulous for this.

Noah then tries to gossip with her. This does not go over well.
Noah: lol, so that girl you were mad at, what a loser, amirite?

Miriam: no.

Somehow this leads them to discover a trait incompatibility.

Noah: I can’t believe I even spoke to you.

But enough of that, it’s time for work! I’m very happy to see Noah in his firefighter outfit for the first time.
Noah: *gives the camera a sexy smolder/possibly bored gaze*

And then the fire alarm went off, disrupting group reading time! I was so excited for Noah’s first fire, but when I clicked on respond nothing happened. His coworkers panicked for a few moments, before going back to idling around.

Coworker: Playing foosball in my bathrobe is much more rewarding than saving lives!
I’m not very happy about this. Some sort of glitch, I assume?

In any case, there were still several hours of loitering work left, so Noah went to maintain the fire engine by hitting it repeatedly with a hammer.

Afterwards, it’s time for some good ol’ fashioned spouse-hunting! Noah goes to loiter in the nearby park in his uniform.
Noah: *trademarked passionate look of mild interest*

We're in luck, there are some women here! One of them attempts to pet a racoon. Spolier alert, it doesn't go well.
Estella: wtf, racoon!?
Josefin: dumbass.

Estella: I wish death upon you and your entire family.
Racoon: lol, I'm so cute

I sent Noah over to introduce himself to Estella.
Noah: woah, that lady behind you is so hot!
Focus, Noah, please?

I guess it doesn't matter anyway, since it turns out Estella is the skinniest pregnant woman ever.

Oh well, on to bachlorette #2 (bachlorette status not guaranteed).
Noah: You're just as attractive in person.

Unfortunately, Josefin is a bit too old for Noah. We're gonna need time for several pregnancies, after all.
Noah: ...but I like her though? *wibble*

On the other side of the park we have a CPS lady (lol, random). She was pretty, and Noah thought she was pretty, but alas she was an adult as well.

Noah heads on over to a different park, where it appears some kind of anti-jellyfish (?) protest is going on.

Guy: We must end their slippy slidey reign of terror! *smashes loudspearker into sims's head*
Girl: This sign fails to express my rage.

Noah spots a pretty potential spouse, but surprise, she's pregnant! Sigh.

This career-criminal girl also captures Noah's interest, but she left for work before he could talk to her.

Over here we have Rajita...

...and here we have Angelica! She looks cute, so I try to get Noah to talk to her, but unfortunately she's busy crusading against tyrannical jellyfish rule.

Noah: *patiently waits for protest to end*

Papparazzi Guy: Holy shit, this is fascinating! I must capture this on film!

Finally, the protest is over and Noah goes over to greet her.

They find each other attractive, and she's the proper age for him, too!
Also, note the red plumbob, Noah's needs are tanked. When I said finally, I meant finally.

Since Noah is about to passout, he heads back to the firestation to go to sleep. Spouse hunting will resume tomorrow.

We have a new coworker! She's rather pretty, so Noah heads over to talk to her.

Noah: ur pretty...
Helga: u too <3
So, of course she's almost an elder. FUCK YOU TOO, GAME.

After work, Noah heads over to the beach this time.

There's no one else here once the old lady leaves, so Noah instead focuses on the horse halfway across the lot.
Noah: :D

Even though he's alone, there's still a car here, so no one will miss it, right?
It's pretty crap, and only worth 800 simoleons, but hey, we need to buy that bed, right?

Since there wasn't anyone to harass flirt with at the beach, I send Noah to yet another park to talk to the acrobat performing there. But before he gets the chance, the phone rings with a date offer! I don't recognize the name, but it's not like we can be picky.

Noah: yeah, sure, I'll meet you at the art museum!

It turns out, this is Natalie! I don't think Noah's ever even seen her before? Whatever, she's pretty cute!

Noah goes over to introduce himself to his date. As per expectation, she's too old for him, but I figure he can enjoy the date anyway.
Also, lol at random deer who hates Noah.

Hates him so much he actually walked backwards into traffic to get away.
Deer: Can't take my eyes off that one for a second.

Natalie is a pretty good date so far. She even indulges Noah's children obsession.
Noah: Aren't babies the greatest?

Natalie: Uh, yeah, babies... they like stuffed bears and whatever, right...?

Papparazzi Guy: This is my career-defining moment.

Papparazzi Guy: I can see the headline now, "Man Famous for Handiness Skill Point Talks to Girl Outside Museum!"

Noah doesn't mind him, he really does seem to like her.

Natalie: Ugh, you don't even have any muscles!

Natalie: You know, when I call up random firemen I expect better.

Noah doesn't seem to mind her criticism.

I figure since Noah can't marry her, he should get something out of the date, so he attempts to mooch a few simoleons.

Noah: Hey, could you spare a few bucks, since I went on this date and all?

Natalie: thefuq?

Crappy picture here to show that I did buy some furniture for Noah.
We have like 100 simoleons left now, so this is it for the time being.

Noah goes to inspect his shower.

(that's what it looks like he's saying to me, lol)

The nightstand gets a less enthusiastic but still positive vote of approval.

Mostly, I just think Noah's happy he doesn't have to sleep at the fire station anymore.

First bil payment. The start of a long and unhappy tradition.
It was pretty cheap, luckily, probably because until yesterday there was no electricity or plumbing.

Unnecessary picture here to register my surprise that someone else is actually maintaining the fire engine.

Noah still doesn't have a fridge at home.

This random person walked into the fire station. Apparently she's the stylist, and she's pretty cute, too (poor clothing choices aside).

I guess she's here to use the athletic equipment. Okay, then.
Noah doesn't get the chance to talk to her, but she was also too old for him.

However, good news! This is the bathrobe coworker from before, who I dismissed at first because I thought she was an elder (her hair is so light). But she's actually a young adult (FINALLY).

Before Noah can schmooze, the fire alarm goes off. However, just like before, every one briefly panics before going back to whatever they were doing. I guess Noah must have set it off on accident while he was maintaining it?
(goddamn this glitch, I need to figure out how to fix it)

Anyway, Noah goes over to greet her.

Noah: I don't know if you know this, seeing as how we're at the fire station and all, but I'm actually a fireman...
Barbara: yeah that's all interesting and all but I'm STARVING.

While he waits for her to eat, Noah goes over to pump iron. Firefighters (and teh ladiez) need big strong muscles.

Noah: Is this supposed to be so painful!?!

Later on, Noah reintroduces himself to Barbara.

He even flits a litte, and she seems pretty responsive.

Noah: So, as I was saying earlier, I'm a fireman...

Noah: A big, muscley fireman. *flexes as hard as he can*

Barbara: huh?

Barbara: omg, I think I did see a little something there!

Noah: yeeeahh..
It only occurs to me now to consider attractiveness, and it turns out there isn't any sparkage. SIGH. Noah, stop being so picky!

After work, Noah goes over to Varg's Tavern, because I'm running out of ideas.

Hey, Angelica's here! And she's pregnant!

Noah: Cool, I love babies.

Noah: Wait, but it's not my baby. *sadness*

So, Noah heads over to the library to use the computer for some online dating, because this update is just full of fail.
I also took a picture of Snowball the puppy, because CUTE.

Guess who's on there? Felicia, the criminal girl from the park! Noah sends her a text, but it's too late to call.

So he heads home to go to sleep. Tomorrow's Leisure Day, so there will be plenty of time to spouse hunt.

First thing in the morning Noah calls up Felicia to ask her to hang out.
Noah: Hey, Felicia! Want to go to the park with me?

Noah: What d'you mean you don't want to meet up with a total stranger? OMGRUDE.

Apparently Felicia ditched Noah to hang around outside Varg's Tavern. Whatever, Noah'll just go there, then. He doesn't have anything better to do.
(and that's not a lie, he really doesn't)

Noah: prettyy...
Felicia: handsome..!
Well, that's one obstacle out of the way. She's also a young adult, score!

They also bond over their traits.
Noah: You're a hopeless romantic? ME TOO!
Puppy: Don't mind me, just going to destroy a chair.

It turns out Felicia has a boyfriend. Noah isn't the homewrecking type, but desperate measures and all. Plus, they're not married, so it's not so bad. At least that's how we're justifying it.

They talk for a while until they're friends, and Felicia lets him have a totally platonic hug.
Noah: god i'm hungry.

Noah tests the waters and tries a little flirting.

She seems to be into it.

Time to pull out the big guns.
Noah: btw, did I tell you I'm a fireman? *desperate flexing*


Noah: u know it *puts on sexy face*

Seriously, Noah, why does your face end up looking awkward all the time?

It's been going pretty well, so Noah confesses his attraction to her.
Noah: I know it's only been a few hours, but you're the one for me. The only one.
Really the only one, I've tried like everyone else.

Felicia: teehee, I like you too, Mr. Fireman <3

Noah: You know, it's great you're so cool with doing this even though you're cheating on your boyfriend and all.

Felicia: ...

Felicia: you're lucky you're cute.

Ah, first love!
This time, Felicia accepts Noah's date invitation. Noah's starving by this point, so they head over to the diner.

Felicia has a car! This is good news, she might come with money.

They stop to suck face outside the cafe before heading inside.

Afterwards, they head to the movie theater to spend more money Noah doesn't have.

Noah: Hey, so, since I paid for the movie and dinner, could you spot me a few bucks?

Felicia: ...are you serious?

Quick, destraction!
Woman: Are these people actually making out right next to me?

Woman: Yes. Yes they are.
Papparazzi Guy: This is pulitzer prize winning material right here!

Papparazzi Guy: Don't mind me!
Noah: Uh, yeah, you wanna go somewhere else...?

They head back to Noah's place and stand in the dark (lights are too bourgeois for this house).

Noah: Hey, so, I have a bed...

Time to celebrate their day-long relationship!
Hey, time is of the essense in a legacy.

I couldn't decide between normal woohoo and just going right for the baby-making, so I settled for a risky woohoo.
Noah: Hope you don't mind, condoms cost money and I'm on a bit of a budget...
(note: this simmer does not in any way support unprotected sex for budget purposes)

Noah: Well, considering you just spent the whole day cheating on him, could you maybe break up with your boyfriend?

Felicia: Anything for a fireman.

And without wasting any time (we're ALL tired, here), Noah asks Felicia to be his girlfriend and she agrees.

They celebrate with another risky woohoo before falling asleep.
Noah: Now I just have to figure out how to get her to move in...

And that's all for now. I hope you enjoyed.
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