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The Angeliszt Legacy - 1.1

The Angeliszt Legacy 1.1 - Less Fail, More Value

Hello, friends, and welcome to the second installment of the Angeliszt Legacy! I changed up the cover style this time around to try and find a look I'm more happy with. This update is also a bit shorter, only 87 picutres long, and yet it is so much more productive than the first one. I'm glad I was able to update fairly quickly this time around, but it probably won't always be so easy (depends on how much I put off, to be honest). In any case, let's get to the real story, shall we?

We begin just sim-hours from where we left off, with Noah feeling the Morning After Hunger Pains.

He then randomly decides to laugh at his new girlfriend.
Noah: lol, look at her there, sleeping.

Noah: looooooser.

Then he randomly decides to boo his new girlfriend.
Noah: why are you ignoring me?

Noah: BOO, YOU SUCK! *aggressively tumbs down*
You’re lucky she’s sleeping through this, or you’d probably have the shortest relationship in sim history.

Noah rounds off his successful morning by abandoning Felicia to go to work. A+ boyfriend, ladies and gentlemen.

God bless this fire station and its poor person relief system.

The fire alarm goes off again, and in order to circumvent the glitch I just tell Noah to go to the lot and then have him complete the task. I missed the picture of him leisurely driving the fire truck over (thereby preventing the other firefighters from helping), but I did snap this photo of him in his business uniform!

He was tackling a building disaster at the hospital/science lab, so I couldn’t see anything. But judging by the dramatic music and people freaking out outside, it was really something. Either that or the building was going into labor.

Noah finally completes his first job and gets promoted! He struts out in his new uniform.

Noah: Yay me!
Everyone and a patch of floor: *stare*

Noah: bored now.
Everyone and a patch of floor: Yay, fireman! *cheers*
Lady: is that patch of floor sentient?

I’m so happy Noah’s got the sexy fireman outfit now. J

Noah needs to get a spouse pronto, so when Noah returns home he calls up Felicia for a date at the park.
(Alos, hi phone glitch, nice to see you)

Noah: What d'you mean you're not coming? I thought asking you out was supposed to get easier after we started dating!

Felicia couldn't make it because, once again, she was hanging around outside Varg's Tavern. So, once again, I sent Noah over there.
Noah: Seriously, why couldn't you come hang out with me at the park?

Felicia: It's the park. Why would I wanna go there? I'd get grass stains all over my nice dress.

So Noah and Felicia end up staying at Varg's Tavern (it's the full moon, so everything's kind of glowing). Noah tries to create the proposal mood with some slow dancing. I like how Felicia is leading.

Noah: *swoon*


Somehow, this doesn't seem to be enticing to Felicia and she runs off to work.

Noah eats his feelings in ice cream before heading home. Mostly because we still don't have a fridge.

Lol, this random zombie literally just stood there are stared into Noah's window all night. That's never happened for me before, but I guess usually the zombies are too preoccupied with eating my other sims' plants like the assholes they are.

The next morning Noah invites Felicia on another date to pop the question. This time he tries the beach instead of the park.

Noah: Wait, you're actually going? Great, I'll see you there!

They meet up and snuggle for a while.

The mood setting goes a little better this time since there's no dancing involved.

Noah: Felicia, will you marry me?

Of course she agrees, can't resist a fireman, after all.

Felicia: love...<3
The whole thing was very cute. :)

Immediately afterwards Felicia wanders off and Noah tries to set up an immediate wedding for this afternoon before I realize that throwing a party at a lot costs money, and there's not much point inviting people over to the house of poverty.

So we're doing this legacy style (which is to say private and cheap). But first the happy couple stop by the diner where they had their first date because I don't want Noah to starve to reminisce.

They then head over to Felicia's favorite place, Varg's Tavern, to unite themselves in holy matrimony.

Noah: I want to marry her, and yet no.
Sigh, for some reason the option wasn't available. It might have something to do with the fact that Felicia's throwing a party in a few hours.

It's a swimwear party!
Finally, we get to see the results of all that athletic skill building.



Ughhhhh, can't Noah move in here instead?
Also, the only thing Felicia doesn't have is a pool. So what's with the pool party?

Moving right along, Noah goes to watch T.V. for the first time. It appears to be an exclusive party, since Noah and Felicia are the only ones there.

The wedding option still isn't there, so it's time to just move Felicia in.

Noah: Hey, Felicia, want to leave behind all this and live in poverty with me?

Felicia: Sure, why not?
And it was so.

So they go back to Noah's place and immediately get married. Felicia didn't even have time to change into something more fitting, like anything other than a bikini.
Noah: *goobs like he's never goobed before*

I actually bought a kitchen ceiling light for the occasion, so we can all see clearly just how ridiculous this wedding is.

Felicia is officially an Angeliszt!

Time to move directly on to the babymaking!

Felicia came with a desperately needed 7,000 simoleons, and I put them to good use furnishing the house. Here is the living room...

...the dining/kitchen area...

...and the updated bedroom!

And here is Felicia's official legacy card! She's excitable, a genius, a hopeless romantic, a schmoozer, and a computer whiz! She likes electronica, ratatouille, and the color red. Her lifetime want is swimming in cash (have 50,000 simoleons in the bank). ...this probably won't happen. The house will probably have that much in net worth before gen 1 is gone, but I'll be spending most of the money earned. Apologies in advance, Felicia!

Noah: Hey, this is that mystical contraption I saw at Felicia's house!
Yes, the plague of autonomous book reading is being replaced with the plague of autonomous video gaming. #progress

Felicia: Hey, I'm married! *gushes over invisible ring*

This picturesque moment was brought to you by "I forgot to make Noah fix the toilet before I sent him out to steal things."

Felicia's ex-boyfriend (named Magnus Mango, lol) called her up not much later. While he hated Noah with a fiery passion, he seems to be on pretty chill terms with Felicia.
Felicia: Not much, just threw up on the front lawn. What's up with you?

The stealing things plan wasn't going well maybe because it's daytime and I'm an idiot so I randomly sent Noah to explore the catacombs at the local cemetary. Unfortunately, there wasn't any buried treasure.

He did find the Mysterious Mr. Gnome, though, whom I named Fredrick von Fredrick.

Anyway, I sent the newlyweds to the gym for a romanitic date. The local stylist was there, she looks a bit slimmer to me. I didn't realize inactive sims could change body type, interesting.

Felicia's at level 6 of the criminal career track (not that she'll be going back anytime soon with all the babymaking) but her athletic skill isn't up to par, so she works out on the treadmill.

Meanwhile, Noah goes out to steal a bench.

Workout time is interrupted to bring you BABY BUMP! Second generation is officially on the way!

I made a nursery for the baby (I'll end up replacing that crib, though, due to fuckery). It's a little bare bones for me, but I used up most of our remaining funds on it so we'll make do.

Felicia: btw, Noah, I'm pregnant

Noah: r-really?

Noah: Good on 'ya. *thumbs up*

Noah is, of course, going to obsess over this baby.

But pregnancy is no excuse for laziness, so Noah and Felicia head back to the gym.

Documented: random ghost fail

Noah's bosses at the firestation appear to sense his athleticism and he gets promoted!

Noah: Check it out, Felicia, I got promoted!

Wedding gifts came in, and OHMYGOODNESS Mr. Mango sent us a trampoline! That's an awfully considerate present for the matrimony of your ex-girlfriend and the guy she left you for.

Some else sent us this painting which wasn't exciting enough to earn a name drop. I stuck it in the nursery.
(though when you think about it it makes sense for a boat picture to be in Noah's house)

Next up in the Angeliszt Petty Theft Spree is the hospital! I figured they owed him for saving the building anyway. Noah starts by taking a light.

Then he moves on to a lounge chair (there's like fifteen, they won't miss one). It turns out to be a rather successful haul, worth 700 simoleons.

I sent him to the cemetary and Noah ended up stealing a grave. That's nice, Noah, grave robbing is so elite.

Noah sends the grave back (since it's not even worth anything /grumble). Oh well, we got some money and outdoor lighting so no one dies on the tampoline!

The next day Noah goes around upgrading appliances. At this point we're just waiting around for the baby to be born since both Felicia and Noah are still off work.

He and Felicia are still pretty cute, though.
(this next batch of photos is brought to you by "hey, there isn't a ceiling in this house!" via epic camera fail)

Noah: What's that baby? You want to come out?

Noah: Aww, who's Daddy's little financial burden?

Noah: Daddy's using his sticky fingers to make sure we can afford to clothe and feed you!

Noah: So, babies.

Felicia: I hear ya, but also babies.

Noah: *aggressive love attack*

Felicia wanted to read a pregnancy book, so I sent her to the library and she went into labor on the front steps.

Noah meets up with her at the hospital in plenty of time, luckily.
I was wondering why it was so dark until I remembered Noah stole the lights. Sigh.

Generation 2 has officially arrived!
This is Christian Angeliszt (I figured it was appropriate, given Noah's biblical name). He rolled absent-minded and loves the outdoors, and he likes hip-hop, hamburgers, and the color yellow.

And I'm going to leave you with Noah stealing a car.

See you in Gen 2!
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